If you're here and you're engaged, (or hope to be soon)...

You're getting married!! Can you believe it? 

Amidst all your wedding plans, I am glad you found me and I look forward to meeting you and hearing your special story. Photography is a wonderful way to invest in remembering the dear family and friends, the celebration joy in everyone's face, and a new beginning with the love of your life.

Weddings are a perfect combination of travel (your favorite people coming from everywhere), music (who doesn't like beautiful ceremony & dance music?) food (yum), but most importantly: stories. The both of you have come so far with your own story, you're surrounded by dear faces and hearts that are full of stories about your lives and theirs, and your wedding day is the next chapter of a story made even deeper and richer because you're doing it together. I'm excited & blessed to add pictures to your story so when you look back, you'll remember everything. The sparkle in his eyes, the announcement of "Mr. & Mrs.!", the beautiful day, the hugs, the tears, and so much more....let's do it, yes?
This is the day the LORD has made, we will be glad and rejoice in it!

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