How much does a Generational Family Portrait cost?
$189 to book the day and cover 1 family unit plus $50 for each additional family unit.
Single family members without children are also included in the $189 fee.

In the event that you choose a location that requires a photography permit,
 any entrance/photography fees will be added to your invoice.

What is included in the session?
Up to 2-hour time slot
Full family portrait
Individual family portraits
Any combination of family members
(Siblings, grandparents & grandkids, etc.)

What should we wear?
I recommend choosing 2-3 colors to coordinate among all the families
and using 1-2 neutrals (khaki, denim).
Shades, tones, textures and patterns are great ways to use the colors without looking identical.
Ladies, styles & accessories are excellent! Think dresses, skirts, jewelry, scarves, etc.

How can we access the photos?
Within 10-12 days you'll receive a link to an online
gallery of edited digital images with instructions
on how to download, share, and purchase prints!

To begin the booking process, simply fill out the form below!
I will contact each family/single family member with information about the session as well as
sending each family and/or single member a link to the gallery.
The 'Anything else I should know?' section may also be used for additional family groups and/or single members,
please include email addresses if you use the space in this way!

Names Ages of children under 18
Names Ages of children under 18
Names Ages of children under 18
Names Ages of children under 18
Names Ages of children under 18
Names Ages of children under 18
Location Options
Unless you have a specific location in mind, please select all that apply.
Payment Options *
How do you prefer to pay?
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I agree that filling this form also serves as a model release for me and all of my family. *
MODEL RELEASE I grant full ownership and copyright of all photographs produced within this session to the above named photographer along with the right to reproduce any of the images (and by any means chosen). I am also in agreement that any licensee or assignee in legal correspondence with the about named photographer can use the photographs in any way and in any medium the above named photographer, licensee(s) and/or assignee(s) hereby obtain the rights to use the photographs under no restrictions whatsoever and for whatever purposes, including advertising, with any post processing or manipulation within reason. I agree that any of the above mentioned photographs or manipulations used by the photographer, licensee(s) and/or assignee(s) to represent an imaginary person shall not reflect upon me personally unless I give legal permission to use my full name. I commit to withdraw from making any legal claims or disputes against either the photographer or his/her agents in regards to image usage, and understand fully that the photographer is under no legal obligation to compensate me for the use of any photo(s) I have been thorough in reading this contract and understand all meanings and implications that have been explained to me in writing. By checking the box below, I agree to all the terms as described above.