Who qualifies for a Family Adventure?
If you love to explore new (or old!) sites with your family, an Adventure session is for you!
If you want family reunion events photographed, an Adventure session is for you!

If you simply want family portraits, I information available for you as well!

Do we need to pose for photos?
Think of me as your personal 'paparazzi', all you need to do is live in the moment
and enjoy every second of being together!
A limited number of group photos are included in your session.

What is included in a Family Adventure?
My artistic eye (grin), an online gallery* of delightful images,
and the freedom to relax and enjoy making memories with your loved ones!

*The gallery will be available to each family in your group
and will be delivered via email within 10-14 days of your session.
Instructions for downloading, sharing, and purchasing prints will be included.

Why is there an hourly rate?
An hourly rate allows you to have your moments photographed
according to your family's energy & attention span. 
All-day events, a trip to the zoo, or playing in the backyard, 
are easily arranged with an hourly rate.

Are there any other fees?
Yes, you are responsible for funding my ticket or pass, if one is required.
I can also bill you later if you wish!
Food/water for myself is my responsibility. 

When do we pay you?
A 10% non-refundable retainer is required at the time of booking
in order to hold the day for you.
You are welcome to pay the total in advance or after the session,
but you will not receive your images until the session is paid in full.

In the event of illness or emergency outside of your control, you may reschedule
your Family Adventure session at no extra charge.

Is there a required minimum of hours for a Family Adventure?
My personal recommendation is at least 2-3 hours. 
60 minutes flies by, and I don't want you to feel as though you have to cram
memories into that short period of time! 


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A Family Adventure Session also includes these family photos: 1 full group setup 1 setup of each family unit You will receive 2-3 copies of each photo setup to enjoy.
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