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Essentallie yours

for the rested & joyful life

Hello Friend...



Rest  & Joy

could be the theme of your everyday?

Do you wish it were so?

It Can Be

Welcome to Essentallie Yours

A place on the web devoted to: 
slowing down and still accomplishing goals
eating well for your body and feeling good about it
learning to heal yourself from the inside out

You can be

a masterpiece and a work in progress
Sophia Bush


I'm Allie

The heart & typing fingers behind Essentallie Yours. I'm currently on a wellness journey of my own, and built this corner of the web to share the steps I've taken so far and the ones I want to achieve in the hopes they may help you, too.

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A collection of tips, discoveries, recipes, and more.
Living life with health issues is tough.
Living life with health issues and having people understand and walk with you is better.

Blog posts coming soon!


One more thing...
Essentallie Yours is intended to be a helpful resource in your health journey. I am not a certified medical professional, and thus no opinions posted by me are to be taken over and above or instead of the advice and care of your doctor/nutritionist/health care provider. Thank you!