Putting it all in one place

O the wracking of the brain when it comes to starting new projects!! Anybody else go back-and-forth over details???

ADP-AJM-June 21, 2018-010.jpg

I debated starting a new blog for health-related posts (called Essentallie Yours), to keep them separate from my photography site, thinking this plan would be most helpful to y'all. If you like/are learning photography I had a place for you, or if you were more health-focused, I had a place for you, too! Merging the two creative outlets (that fascinate me and overlap each other in my own day to day life) into one lifestyle blog was what I realllly wanted to do, but decided to split them for the time being. 

I bought a domain for Essentallie Yours and started building a site, but as the to-do list to keep it up grew and grew, the thought of doing the Allie Dean blog AND another one became kinda exhausting, which defeats the purpose of being healthy, right?? 

So, as of this week, I took 'le plunge' and decided to post everything on this blog.


I'm working steadily to keep AllieDean.Com updated on a more regular basis! I'll be adding more lifestyle posts in between sessions & business posts, and may even go wild and share twice a week here and there! :-D