Life Lately : March Edition

Hey there!

It's only been 2 months since the last post instead of 6! That's a good thing, right?

Thanks for coming back to catch up on what's been going on behind the scenes of this little blog :) Is spring 'springing' where you are? It's starting to poke out around here, as you can see by these lovely flowers...

ADP-AJM-March 28, 2018-005.jpg

Alrighty! On to the latest news, starting with:
B-School: I 'took a plunge' back in February and enrolled in Marie Forleo's online business school. So far, so fun! So stretching, too :D One of the best parts was getting in on a package deal with Hilary Rushford's continuing business education with Dean Street Society, which means there's school after school! 

Teaching: Currently teaching piano twice a week, and homeschool tutoring a couple times a month. Everyone is progressing nicely, just at their own speed and so excited about learning, which warms th' cockles o' me heart!

Glad Tidings: a new shop endeavor that my sister and I are launching this season! We're combining our abilities in quilling and calligraphy to make framed artwork, and it's coming together splendidly! More to come later :)

With my studies in B-School, I'm coming up with lots of blog post ideas that need to be gathered up, worked on, and produced. I'm determined to try and get to the point of blogging once a week, or at least on a few set days a month so you know when to come visit, so here's hoping that will be a reality! 


This week I attempted the feat of taking some updated bio photos with my phone on a timer. The bed looked fantastic, and handful of photos turned out (the normal lot of any photographer).

Heading off to work on some more posts, so I'll see you later, chums!