Jacob & Tanya || And 2nd Baby Makes Four || Maternity Session

When God made you
He already knew
That we were meant to be
With love as deep
As the big blue sea
We were meant to be
— JJ Heller - Meant to Be

Building a family is a beautiful thing to watch. Jacob & his Tanya have been tying heartstrings and trusting in the Lord ever since they knew life together was meant to be. And now? He has blessed this little family with Baby #2!

The Lord has also blessed Texas with more rain than we've seen in a long time, which means dancing around drops and deluges. Sometimes outdoor photo sessions get postponed, other times you dash to the backyard for 7 minutes like we did here :) Jacob & Tanya are so sweet together that I hardly needed to pose them.

Those are the smiles of a two-become-one who are SO ready to see their baby!

Big brother, Nathaniel, was also very excited about Baby Brother, trains, and story time.

But mostly trains.

Oh yes, definitely room for one more on that couch and in all those hearts...

Stay tuned to meet baby Noah!