Welcome to the world, Brooke McKenzie! 

You have a sweet older sister who loves to give enthusiastic kisses and call you 'Sissy' (which melts your mother's heart). Daddy is so proud of his girlies, and always has time for cuddles.

The day I came over to take your newborn photos, was one of those days when you were very happy if mom or dad was nearby, and I remember your sister being the same way. You also preferred a pacifier most of the time, but that is okay.

Lizzie kept us laughing during the photoshoot. She'd lean over you for a kiss and roll away so fast she turned into a blur. I think she thought it was a game. Your big sister knows lots of animal noises and I'm sure she'll teach them all to you!

You won't remember me being at your birth, but that was such an exciting day! Daddy gave the best encouragement to Mommy, and she worked hard to get you here!

We all love you, sweetie. So excited to see you grow up!