3 Tips for Candid Groom Photos

Welcome back for the second and final part of the Groom Series!

1. Play Photo Booth

When you have the groom and any of the bridal party, there isn't a better way to get memorable photos than to play photobooth. It's really easy! Before shooting, tell the group that on the count of 3 everyone has to strike a pose and that you'll do it several times just as if we were in a photobooth. Around the 3rd or 4th round, the group really gets into it and the resulting photos are fantastic. 

ADP-AJM-October 03, 2015-003.jpg

2. Choose good light

Whether it's a gift-opening or getting ready details, situate the groom in great light (usually near a window, on a porch, or a naturally-lit room) and capture those details! Also, keep in touch with your couple as the wedding approaches so you know if a last minute gift or new tradition is added to the day.

3. Keep 'Em Moving

I know, I know...the fellas are all dressed up in fancy clothes and boy, do they feel...well, really, really dressed up! It's natural to feel somewhat uncomfortable, (there's a reason we don't live in suits 24/7), so I like to get the guys moving instead of arranging them in a line, snapping a few pics, and calling it done. Often I will line them up, especially when there's a large group, snap a few pics, and have them walk towards me while continuing to shoot. They are free to interact as they walk, or simply look at my camera the whole time. After a few steps, I halt the walk and by this time they have loosened up and feel more natural, so the resulting 'line photo' is rather fine :) Movement is one of your best tricks for relaxed, happy, pictures.

I'd love to hear if you have favorite tips or games you play to get natural-looking poses!

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