Joy makes me smile :: and it's my middle name, so I smile a lot


Light is my one weakness. Chasing it is an adventure, sometimes it's actually delicious.

Living life for Jesus includes being a daughter, sister and friend, teaching photography and music, investing in my church, getting excited about travel, making pictures for people to treasure, relishing time at home, eating gluten-free, & training my friends to be models when I need to shoot something (pretty sure they'll thank me later)

You want to be a model, too? Yay! My day was just made :)

The Lord has blessed me abundantly, far above all I could ask or think, and to love Him and live life this side of eternity for His glory is my heart's greatest delight.

I love memories and the stories that hold life is held together. Each one is a treasure you point to and say...
"When he looks at me like that, I melt...every.time."
"She tells me I'm the reason she smiles just so..."
"Life was crazy when the children were little, I want to remember those days..."

Every story is as unique as each person, and it is a joy to gather them up for you to keep forever.

Let's get started, shall we?

I love my nieces

I love my nieces