Light is my one weakness.
Chasing it is an adventure...
...sometimes it's actually delicious.

Grandpa Steere

Grandpa Steere

I'm Allie, the curly red-head behind the camera who laughs (a lot) and makes beautiful photos fun & effortless.

D'ya know 'Dean' isn't even my name? I gave it to my business because of my grandfather, William Dean Steere, who inspired me to pursue photography. 

Grandpa would tell me stories of how he started out as a photographer for the local paper in his home town, to being part of his division's camera club in the Air Corps, to submitting work, after the war, to several competitions which won him awards and ribbons. 

As time passed his eyesight started to fail, and while he had to put down his camera, the stories remained. He couldn't see many of my photos and we never were able to shoot together, but I think he was pleased that his hobby was picked up and enjoyed by the Tall Girl In The Front Row (his nickname for yours truly). 

I started learning photography in 2006 and haven’t looked back since! It’s been joy to serve couples, families, at events, and businesses over the years, and I’m excited for all the memories yet to come :)

A bride said...

I wish Allie could follow me around and photograph my life. - Kimberley

A mother-in-love said...

Just saw the beautiful wedding sneak-peek photos. LOVELY! You did a wonderful job of capturing  some precious, precious moments. Little smiles and glances, tender moments, all wrapped up in a single snapshot. I'm just crying here! - Kathy

A mother said...

I cannot begin to thank you enough for capturing these very special moments for us. The photographs you took are irreplaceable and it is such a blessing to us to have them. I will cherish them forever and always. - Kaylee



  • The Lord has blessed me abundantly, far above all I could ask or think, and to love Him and live life this side of eternity for His glory is my heart's greatest delight

  • My two nieces, family & friends

  • Sunsets. Each one is a unique painting!

  • Music! Classical, orchestras, big band, hymns, & Christmas tunes to name a few :)


  • The 'Anne Shirley' books are some of my favorites, she and I would be kindred spirits for sure

  • Organizing & brainstorming

  • Black & white movies, true stories

  • Travel and local adventures & road-trips!

  • DIY projects, trying new endeavors

  • Apple pie & trail mix (hold the raisins)


Memories are stories which hold life together.
Each one is a treasure you point to and say...

"When he looks at me like that, I melt...every.time."
"She tells me I'm the reason she smiles just so..."
"Life was crazy when the children were little, I want to remember those days..."

Every story is as unique as each person, and it is a joy to gather them up for you to keep forever.


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